V31 Logo V31 is a duo working within performative arts and sound images as a method of love and understanding.

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Magnus Wassborg Magnus Wassborg
Musician and visual artist with background in various projects within image/ sound art. Wassborg has initiated both his own projects and collaborations with other artists and musicians from the 80s to the present. The performative sound projects have usually been site-specific and in installation/ exhibition form as: MS Stubnitz (Wassborg, Gaunitz), Fyllkingen Stockholm (Wassborg, Nilsson, Ödlund, Bjurgard, von Rettig, Dixon), Malmö Konsthall (Wassborg, Nilsson), Electrohype Biennal Malmö / Copenhagen (Wassborg), VAERK, Denmark (Wassborg, Nilsson), Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (Wassborg), Sound of Sormland (Wassborg), Component, Scene for electronic activity, Copenhagen (Wassborg, Nilsson), Molekyl Gallery Malmö (Wassborg), Kulturhuset Stockholm (Wassborg), Work Museum Norrköping (Wassborg) and others.
Anders Ohlsson Anders Ohlsson
Multidisciplinary artist, guitarist, singer and performer. As a musician, active in the rock, hard rock, metal, soul and experimental music scenes. In the multidisciplinary domains, Anders founded the musical duo Improviserade Sjömanssånger (Improvised Sailor Chants), together with the avant-garde artist Tomas Halling. In Gothenburg, Sweden, the duo started the Kufism movement and began performing their musical and theatrical improvisations. The collaboration developed into the street theater and performance ensemble Cosmic Fondue, whose material mainly consisted of improvisations inspired from the moment, the location and the occasion.


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V31 Business Card
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